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At I:T, we know that exceptional leadership is the difference between a good company and a great company. Great executives must be able to influence change, make calculated decisions, motivate employees, and innovate from within. In a changing world, their day-to-day tasks are only part of their respective roles. They also must fit into the company culture and buy into its existing long-term visions and plans for success.

The optimal candidates for your management positions are often found outside of your organization and can be difficult to locate without help. The core of our executive search service identifies and attracts the best executives for your company, regardless of where they are in the world, and ensures their cultural fit with your organization.

Our commitment does not end when we recruit a candidate, but also goes above and beyond to guarantee its onboarding and integration into your company, and ultimately its long-term success.

I:T’s executive search service was created with one goal in mind: to go further for you than anyone else in our industry. Our team has decades of experience in recruiting top executives for some of the world’s largest companies and prides itself on helping them find success through executive search.

Our Services

Executive Search

Recruiting the best talent

Board Search and Advisory

Recruiting board members for a strong corporate governance

Succession Planning

Building next level leadership

Executive Assessment

Discovering executives’ full leadership abilities

Diversity and Inclusion

Finding diverse talent and promoting an inclusive culture

Team Effectiveness

Build a dynamic and inspiring team

Cultural and Organizational Transformation

Facilitating corporate transformations

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