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These are Intel:Talent’s core values on which we identify, attract, assess, recruit and develop the best leaders and top-level management for your organization’s immediate and long-term success. 

At I:T, we understand the importance of strong leadership. It shapes corporate culture, inspires employees and leads to success. We assess challenges facing your business and solve them by looking at your leadership needs.

The depth of our expertise in executive search and assessment, as well as in all our offered services, is made evident throughout each step of our process, and through our unparalleled track record. We identify, attract, assess, recruit and develop the top executives for your organization and help with their onboarding to ensure a smooth transition, and a noticeable impact from day one.

Our disruptive innovative approach to executive search is the result of 25 years of success in the industry. Since our inception in 2018, our high quality of services and transparency has propelled us into one of Canada’s leading executive search and leadership assessment firms.

How we do it

At I:T, we address challenges facing your business, and focus on solving them through your leadership needs. We ensure that your leaders have the greatest possible impact on your business and that they are the best people for the job.

Our team has decades of experience working at some of the largest executive search firms in the world. When we provide our services, we guarantee that our solutions will drive change, bring value, and build on your organization’s existing success.

We use several proprietary methods and tools to come up with the best strategies for each of our clients, and tailor them based on individual needs. A unique tool in our repertoire is Augmented Intelligence, which allows us to work more efficiently and deliver concrete results more quickly.

Augmented Intelligence does not replace human beings – but rather provides additional insight to the very human aptitudes at the heart of I:T. Putting this tool to use with our quarter century of expertise, we gain surpassing insight into how to best help your organization and unlock strategies and talents that surpass expectations.

Our Services

Executive Search

Recruiting the best talent

Board Search and Advisory

Recruiting board members for a strong corporate governance

Succession Planning

Building next level leadership

Executive Assessment

Discovering executives’ full leadership abilities

Diversity and Inclusion

Finding diverse talent and promoting an inclusive culture

Team Effectiveness

Build a dynamic and inspiring team

Cultural and Organizational Transformation

Facilitating corporate transformations

I:T was created to revolutionize the Talent Management and Leadership Solutions industry. Our clients’ success is our first priority.

Brigitte Simard, Founder and Managing Partner of I:T

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