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Finding diverse talent and

promoting an inclusive


At I:T, we believe that the most successful companies are comprised of high-performing and innovate teams that have a multitude of diverse ideas, coming from diverse areas. Organizations that bring together individuals with varying beliefs, orientations and backgrounds together as a collective unit will draw from each other’s strengths and become more innovative than their competitors.

Diversity is a powerful catalyst that enables innovation and allows employees to feel that their involvement is explicitly valued. When leaders provide an inclusive workplace for their employees, they indirectly propel their organization forward. 

We at I:T have built a team that is diverse in age, origins, genders and beliefs and the result has been our emergence as one of the best performing executive search firms in the world. We can penetrate this privileged network of contacts to establish trusted relationship with our sources and our candidates to identify the best talents and thus offer you the indisputable advantages of a diversified team. 

Our team works with companies across various industries to ensure that their leadership teams foster cultures of inclusion where diverse individuals feel valued and relevant to the organization. We have instilled a philosophy of inclusion deep into our set of core values and look to provide the same knowledge to all our clients through our diversity and inclusion practice.

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