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Thriving family businesses that are passed down from generation to generation are the cornerstones of many economies. They are rooted in tradition, loyalty, and passion. Despite their strengths, they come with their own set of vulnerabilities that must be navigated carefully to retain their integrity as a family business.
External pressures from investors, creditors or financing partners are often put on Family Businesses that request independent executives or board members to be hired. I2T’s Family Business Advisory helps families, owners and stakeholders in achieving efficient next-generation transitions, succession plans, and offers objective recruitment to find team members that will fit in well with your family’s heritage.

We strive to provide your family business’ leadership with the tools necessary for success that will span generations and recruit the best talent that will fit in with your existing company culture.

Our family business advisory assists you in finding the best available candidates for your management team while prioritizing the integrity of your company as a family business. We ensure above all that your company culture remains intact while also finding exceptionally qualified candidates that will prosper in the environment that has been created by your family.

I2T Services

Executive Search

Finding the best talent for success and growth

Board Search and Advisory

Recruiting board members for strong corporate governance

CEO Succession

Cultivating next-level leadership

Executive Assessment

Discovering executives’ full leadership abilities

Diversity & Inclusion

Finding diverse talent and promoting an inclusive culture

Team Effectiveness

Inspiring your leaders to reach new heights

Cultural & Organizational Transformation

Expediting corporate transformations

Family Business Advisory

Ensuring intergenerational stability and growth

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